1. Grumpy Lazy

  2. I Don't Recall
    Teenage Slots

  3. Texas Autopsy
    Earl Rose

  4. Acoustic Covers ep

  5. Looking To Do Some Recording Projects

  6. Cheerleaders Of The Symptoverse
    Cheerleaders Of The Symptoverse

  7. The Land Of Quick-Drying Silverwear
    Minor 2049er

  8. Blowing Chunks Of Theory

  9. Cherry Creek

  10. We Outlived Reagan: 25th Anniversary Re-Recordings
    Teenage Slots

  11. Alert But Without Acute Distress

  12. Backward From The Middle

  13. Artificial Everything

  14. Fear Of A Podunk Planet

  15. Dumb Stupid

  16. The Phones

  17. Duct Tape Shall Make You Free

  18. Geography Amongst Others

  19. Strawberries Magnification ep

  20. Destroy The Original

  21. Lo-Fibruary

  22. Panic

  23. Cracked

  24. Live...Geared To Annoy
    Ten Center

  25. The Substandard Experience

  26. Run Down To The Butcher Shop And Buy Me A Rose

  27. Second Bedroom Decade

  28. Oscillate Wildly

  29. Why Can't I Play It?
    Ten Center

  30. Snazzed Outta Yer Drawers
    Ten Center

  31. Greetings From Stoner's Landing

  32. Shark Hospital

  33. Mormon Cookin'

  34. Bloated & Pretentious

  35. Here's Your Change

  36. 3

  37. Laughter In The Cabbage Patch Again

  38. Stop Playing Music

  39. Good Food, Fine Drinks

  40. Onionz

  41. Hi Honey...Drop Dead

  42. Translation Snakes

  43. Out-Of-Body Experience

  44. Everyday Life And Sunday Afternoons

  45. I Don't Give A Fuck If You Like It Or Not

  46. What The What

  47. Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed

  48. Someday I'll Be Made Of Rubber

  49. Grate To Be Alive

  50. Man

  51. Uniform Zoo Loo

  52. History Of A Year And Other Assorted Songs

  53. Why Kill Yourself?

  54. Better Than Hendrix
    Teenage Slots

  55. MaximumRockAndRoll Won't Review This Either
    Teenage Slots

  56. Hallucinations Of Helen
    Teenage Slots

  57. Pagan Dances With Paul Simon
    Teenage Slots

  58. Respect Us Or Die
    Teenage Slots

  59. Back To The Mines
    Minor 2049er

  60. The Rise And Fall Of Red Tape And The Loud Youngsters
    Minor 2049er

  61. Materialism
    Minor 2049er

  62. Reliving Many Desolate Weeks
    Minor 2049er

  63. Unliberated
    Minor 2049er

  64. Metermaidia
    Minor 2049er

  65. Stainless Steel
    Minor 2049er


Russ Stedman Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Mr. Stedman's music is both goofy and intelligent, a rare blend indeed. Wildly inventive and fun. Yet ANOTHER example of the value of 'home-tapers'. " - Baby Sue Music Review

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